Our Services

LifeWise Solar acts as your energy advisor.

We determining the best solution to fit your home, business, or community. We work with you to assess your energy needs and provide you with the information and resources to guide your decisions. With access to resources throughout the United States, our team will ensure you will have the solution that best meets your requirements.

We always provide the options you have available to make sure that your system is designed to provide the consistency, reliability, and security you need.

Our Process

What we do for you

System Viability Assessments

Is a solar energy solution right for you?

System Cost and Savings Estimate

What will a solar solution cost and what return on investment can be expected?

The Right System
for you

What system design is required, and should you have a storage solution as part of your system?

The Right Financing Option

Is a PPA, Loan, or Cash payment the right choice for your system and budget?

Property Readiness

Is your roof, electrical system, space, usage, costs, budget, and community ready for the system?

Project Management, Design, and Engineering

What’s the right team and materials to meet your needs?


What electricians, installers, and technicians are required to get the right system done with confidence?


Will we have a team behind you for the life of the system?