Financing Options

Power Purchasing Agreements

Purchasing solar power enables families and businesses to participate in the effort to conserve our environment and ensure that they will have safe, reliable, clean energy. 

Our customers will be able to lock in budget certainty and cap inflation with a power purchase agreement where a financing company owns the solar system and our customers’ only obligation is to purchase the power the system produces.

A Power Purchase Agreement calls for a third party like a lease financing company to pay for and own the system, and you just pay for the electricity it produces. The leasing company gets the tax incentives and agrees to a pre-defined cost and inflation cap for the electricity you will use.

Purchase System

Purchasing a solar panel system with cash or financing with a solar loan is your best option if you…

  • Want to maximize the financial benefits of installing a solar panel system;
  • Can take advantage of federal and state tax credits (i.e. have sufficient tax liability);
  • Plan to install on a business, and can realize tax benefits by treating the solar panel system as a depreciable asset
  • Want to increase the market value of your home by installing a solar panel system.


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Loan Agreements

Our financing partners also offers renewable system loan agreements that provide you with the funds to acquire a system.  You’ll be responsible for the loan payments which in many cases will be covered by the savings on your current electrical bill.   In some months you may be paying both the loan and for the additional energy required to be purchased from a utility. In some months you’ll be getting credits from the utility for electricity your system produced that you didn’t need that month. With loan agreements, you’ll be entitled to the tax incentives provided by the US government and possibly your state and community.

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