Become an Affiliate


You can earn money as an advocate for renewable energy solutions by referring qualified property owners who are interested in:

  • Contributing to environmental protections.
  • Capping anticipated energy inflation,
  • Saving on your current and/or future energy costs.
  • Adding value to your property.

As an LifeWise Solar Affiliate, you can simply identify residential or commercial property owners who are interested in learning about the benefits of solar energy, and if they purchase a system or even just purchase the energy provided by a solar system, you’ll be paid a Referral Fee.

The Affiliate Referral Program is available to organizations or individuals that wish to refer their contacts and friends.

If you represent a company, organization, or group, the referral fees earned will be sent to the group primary contact and the group will distribute the fee as they see fit. (We can also direct your Referral Fee to the charity of your choice).

How the LifeWise Solar Affiliate Referral Program Works

After you sign up, you will get a username and password to access the Affiliate Referral Section of the LifeWise Solar website.

You can enter the name and contact information for any prospected customer who has confirmed their interests in learning about solar, and who would like to receive a proposal for a solar power solution. Proposals are non-binding estimates and there is no obligation to purchase or pay anything to receive a proposal.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. After completing the on-line form and providing the information about the prospective customer, we’ll email you a confirmation of the referral and that prospective customer will be linked to you.

  2. Your prospect will receive an email confirming that they have been referred by you to get a free, non-binding estimate for a solar system solution for their property.

  3. They will receive a proposal with three options: (a) the cost of purchasing a solar system for cash; (b) the cost of purchasing a system including financing in the form of a loan to purchase the system, and (c) a proposal to just purchase the electricity produced by a system installed on their property and paid for by a third party (like a leasing company) at a low rate per kilowatt hour of electricity produced. (This is called a “Power Purchase Agreement” or PPA).

  4. If a customer purchases a system or agrees to purchase the solar power via a PPA, you’ll receive a Referral Fee when the system is sold, up and running.

  5. You should know that if a customer purchases the system with cash or a loan they will receive tax incentives, but if they purchase the power only, the third party will receive the tax incentives.

  6. Your prospective customer can choose to talk to one of our solar experts to make sure that a solar system is appropriate for their property.

  7. Each month, we will pay our Affiliates for fees earned in the prior month.

  8. You will receive or be able to access the status of your referrals and the fees you’ve earned or are in the process of earning.